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Coming and Going

Here you can introduce yourself or let us know when you will be away and when to expect you back.

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Hagrid's Hut

If you need help with something on the forum post here, or if you have a suggestion this is the place for it. Guest Friendly!

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The Sorting Ceremony

Character Creation

Put the hat on your head and let it sort you into the proper place. Don't be afraid, it isn't too difficult!

(Post in the sorting thread before posting your claims)

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Character Bank

Stop in at Gringotts and spend your galleons. Buy abilities, activity check waivers, custom titles, and other nifty items for your account. Just check out our list to see what's available.

Use your Galleons!
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Character Development

So you want to fill out a character sheet and post some plot pages, journals, or even a character request? All of this is optional for members but it really does help develop your character. So all character things can be found here.

the feels machine // a jj request page [2/10]
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The United Kingdom

Concordia Festival 2040

A triannual event commissioned by the International Confederation of Wizards. The event is a three-week exhibition of the magical world. Muggles are able to explore pieces of a world once unbeknownst to them in the spirit of transparency and integration.

lions and tigers and bears? --> ryan
Dec 11, 2019 5:45:41 GMT -5
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I... am a librarian --> danny
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Reid Marlowe Café

Named for two famous men of Canterbury, one a detective and the other a playwrite, they have become an inspiration to the owner of the café. The café itself is themed around the arts and literature. All of the names of the dishes she serves are related to literature and the arts, and she has chosen quite the decor to make one feel as if they were in a nineteenth century literature novel.

It is located next to the Greyfriar's Lodge and across from The Old Brewery Tavern; there is a nice view of the Great Stour River from the outdoor patio in the rear of the building. It serves breakfast and lunch seven days a week. The main chef, the owner, has taken many courses in various cuisines, and is always adding new things to her daily specials menu. There is always something different and interesting to try at Reid Marlowe's.

Located: Canterbury
Owned by: Eleanor Byron

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If you have a residence located inside the United Kingdom, you will find them here.

525,600 minutes • caleb
Dec 11, 2019 17:28:29 GMT -5
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That land up north; beautiful if not fierce too, with the people living there and the terrain.

Beginning Anew (Open)
Nov 25, 2019 13:03:29 GMT -5
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This includes everywhere else in the UK that does not already have a board

a day of exploring(hursta)
Dec 11, 2019 18:52:47 GMT -5
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Beyond the UK


Africa, the birthplace of humanity as modern science knows it. Egypt, Africa was also the very first place magic has been recorded. Discover the roots of magic, see the pyramids, explore the ancient societies long gone, or hug a lion while a giraffe watches.

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Asia is a vast, populated, and drastic land with sights nowhere else in the world from canyons of dragons to some of the longest reigning civilizations in the known world.

fishy fisticuffs • taegan
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North America

Part of the new world, settled by the Native Americans and the Europeans many years later. This is a land that stands to tall majesty with a young history that has already left a mark on the modern world. Enjoy the culture of the Americas, it's unlike anything else on the planet.

The City That Never Sleeps
Jul 10, 2019 3:27:56 GMT -5
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South America

Home to the vast Amazon Rainforest. A land of ancient native societies long untouched by the influence of the European settlers. A place of immense lost history and a place of unknown beauty that continues to be discovered.

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The continent of downunder, Australia holds mysteries that still baffle people to this day. Why is everything so effective at killing humans? Perhaps there's a secret under it. This is a country and a continent like no other, with magical and non-magical animals more exotic than a dream. Australia shares much with it's neighbors, while not a part of it's continent, but they're closely tied economically and culturally.

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The places located in Europe can be found here

Buy You a Drink
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This is where anything that doesn't fit into one of the other categories, or isn't specified as to where it is set.

this is a chill thread --> willis
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The Time Turner

Into The Past

Role play anything in your character's past here.

take me back to the start --> jack
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Out Of Character

Member Lounge

At the Member Lounge you can play fun forum games and have all sorts of other discussions!

Character Playlists!
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Creations and Requests

This is where anything creative can be found, including the members' graphics and coding shops. Please post in the correct boards.

jj's shop of codes
by JJ
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Advertising and Affiliation

You can advertise or affiliate here. Only one advert per forum allowed.

Turn On The Light, Jcink HP 18+
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